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Apr 6, 2007

explain this to me

OK, so I'm not like checking this all the time or
anything and I do do work at work. i swear. Just ask
the pile of completed work. but someone please
explain to me how my amazon sales rank was around 2
million yesterday and now is at 126,643. I mean I
know it doesn't mean I sold a couple thousand books
yesterday but what does it mean exactly? How is it
possible for something to fluctutate like that?

OK, sorry for bothering you. Go buy my play.



JJW said...

maybe you've been added to a national reading list.

just think of it, every drama student is reading your play and thinking, "ah! yes, this is theatre."

yes, indeed.

Adam said...

somehow i don't think a play called Deflowering Waldo is on a national reading list.

sm said...

Maybe not, but it certainly should be…