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Apr 16, 2007

hack hack, sniffle

I am home sick so I did not see the Pulitzer
announcement as I did last year, however was still
aware of what time it was being announced because it
took place in the building I work in.

Got two rejection letters. they were both very nice
rejection letters. the kind you want to get if you
are going to be rejected. I'm getting a lot of these
lately. It's both encouraging and discouraging. I
was swearing to give up playwriting forever and then
immediately sitting down to work on my new play--both
in a dayquil haze.

It's so hard. Why is it so hard?


JJW said...

i had a crappy night in workshop writing a play that no one will probably produce.


Adam said...

I got a bunch of those.

patrick said...

I do the same thing--angrily quit playwriting and then immediately come up with a new idea for a play (or a way to improve an old one). Maybe that's just the sort of psychosis it takes to be a playwright. I don't know.

Johnna said...

I am too discouraged to even send anything out at the moment. It does feel a bit futile. The only productions I can get are at small theaters run by friends. I might get readings or nice rejections or 'congrats you are one of forty-seven hundred finalists,' or stuff, but nothing real. And you can't always keep the faith. I make myself keep writing with the understanding that it isn't likely to pay off. Then I am delightfully surprised if anything good happens.

You keep going Adam. You are one of the good ones!

Dan said...

An odd corrollary is this: I get depressed after a series of rejections, and want to quit playwriting.

Then I get one yes for something, a reading, anything; and I get depressed that someone will see my play and it's not PERFECT, and I want to quit playwriting.

I think it's a form of mental illness.