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Apr 30, 2007

selling guns to those found to be mentally deranged

thanks to Freeman


for this New Yorker article


"Reducing the number of guns available to crazy people
will neither relieve them of their insanity nor stop
them from killing. Making it more difficult to buy
guns that kill people is, however, a rational way to
reduce the number of people killed by guns. Nations
with tight gun laws have, on the whole, less gun
violence; countries with somewhat restrictive gun laws
have some gun violence; countries with essentially no
gun laws have a lot of gun violence."


"Semi-automatic Glocks and Walthers, Cho's weapons,
are for killing people. They are not made for hunting,
and it's not easy to protect yourself with them. (If
having a loaded semi-automatic on hand kept you safe,
cops would not be shot as often as they are.)"

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