Thursday, May 03, 2007

from Kristen Palmer's email to me

Dear friends,

Please join me on May 13th at 7pm for a reading of
"The Melting Point." There are wonderful people
involved and it's very new and I'd
love for you to be there!

more sooner,

May 13th, 7pm
46 Walker Street

a reading of:

The Melting Point by Kristen Palmer
developed in the SohoRep Writer/Director Lab

directed by Awoye Timpo

with the talents of...

Nicole Behaire
Stephen Bel Davies
Kate Benson
Chris Kipiniak
Alfredo Narciso
Heidi Schreck
Mary Schultz


Freeman said...

Who is this...Kristen Palmer you speak of?

Adam said...

She's a talented playwright who has a cat named Skeezer.