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May 24, 2007

LA Daze, New York Days

I had a great time in LA even though I was in culture shock much of the time. And all that sun and open space and having to drive a car. But I got to meet with a lot of great people and the theatre of note production is really excellent. Go see it if you're on that coast.

But yeah I'm happy to be back in crowded subways again. I'm happy to be graduating in two days. I kind of wish I had an excuse to wear a robe every day without having to answer a bunch of questions.


Jamespeak said...

Had you ever been to LA before? I've had fun the times I've been, but having been there, I'm definitely a New York kinda guy.

kitchen boy said...

i just saw food for fish. it left me in really important circles... thank you.

(ps-despite popular belief, it's actually possible and practical and startlingly edifying to live in los angeles without a car! who knew?)

Adam said...

Thanks, Kitchen Boy. Do you ride a bike or take the bus or the short line subway?