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May 29, 2007

Susan Gets Some Play

i felt it was my duty to protect all theatre people
everwhere. So i wrote this song which i think will be
in my fringe play. It's called Never Fuck The
Director and i hope you will take it to heart. here
is the beginning. To see the rest, come see my fringe
show. We're going to makes Susan dance again.

(spoken) There's a motto in my profession, goes
something like this:

Never say the Scottish play when walking round
Never kiss the understudies when they're underage
Don't fool with the lighting guy if you want to be
well lit
And stay away from the costumer if you want it all to

And Never Never Never fuck your director
Never Never Never fuck your director

1 comment:

Bixby Elliot said...

very fucking funny!

if i had a dollar for everytime i fucked a director...oh, wait...i never did that...oh well.