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May 1, 2007

tues night blog

The reading last night went really well, I thought.
Thanks to everyone who came out to see it.

An unrelated question for a scene i'm writing. If you
wanted to fuck up a bunch of computers, how would you
do it? Erase the hard drives? mess up the network in
some way? Is there a physical way that is not too
complicated to take out a necessary part of a PC for
example? Like can someone just take out the hard
drive or the motherboard or something? What would you
knowledgeable computer people do to screw up a bunch
of computers if you were so inclined?

(I am not in any way endorsing destruction of any
computer, even a PC. It's just something my character
wants to do in this play.)


JJW said...

well if you were going to do a lot of computers removing parts would take a good amount of time. you could infect them with a virus that might erase all the memory. or you could just make something up... what's this need to be so realistic? and if you're desperate, i'd just pour water on'em.

Philucifer [aka Charlie Willis] said...

Actually, I've been told that if you put a high-powered magnet right up against the hard-drive of any computer, it scrambles it irretreivably. Simple, clean, and efficient.

Adam said...

Thanks, guys. i need something believable yet theatrical. And JJW, this play is a little more naturalistic than some of my other stuff which is perhaps why I'm stuck on this.

Johnna Adams said...

I was going to suggest the magnet idea, too. I think sliding those flat refrigerator magnets (like what people put on the back of business cards) into the floppy drive or into the back of the computer would probably do it. Or pouring acid onto the workings.