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Jun 12, 2007

from an email I received from Enrique

So I'm not one for sending mass emails out for
fundraising, but playwright Marisela Orta made me
aware of this teacher in Queens who is trying to build
a theatre library for her students. She teaches in a
low income public school where the arts are severely
neglected and is trying very hard to teach the
importance and relevance of theatre to these kids. I
went online and donated $10. Now, you don't have to
donate anything, but I just did the math:

If every playwright I sent this to donated $3, this
school would meet their funding request for a theatre
library. Many of us piddle $3 on a coffee any given
day. Why not help me help these kids. We're always
complaining that there's no young people in the
theatre. This is a great way to help change that in
such a small way. And how cool would it be for this
school to have a brand new play library because of a
bunch of scrappy playwrights?!

Here's the info:


Here's to teachers who care about theatre!

Enrique Urueta
Playwright/Dramaturg/Private Dancer
(a dancer for money)


Mark said...

I just blogged this too and donated. It would be great if we could help them push this over the top today!

Enrique Urueta said...

They met their goal by this morning. How cool is that?!

Thanks for spreading the word, Adam!