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Jun 28, 2007


Starting this weekend, K and I are taking a trip up to
artists housing in MA where we plan to write and read
and swim and jog for two weeks out in the wilderness.
I hope to start and finish a screenplay there.

I don't know if they get the internet in the woods of
MA so I may not post for a couple of weeks, or my
posting could increase tenfold. No way of knowing.
You will just have to stick it out and see.


Michael Busby said...

If you find a place without wireless or any connection to the internet while you are there, don't tell anyone. Keep it a secret. There has to be some places where we can shut the world off... I went to Walden Pond and there were tards there using their laptops to write... I mean come on people, it's where "Walden" was written... use a pen and paper, show some respect.

I enjoy your blog a lot, so please take this in the right spirit... go for the two weeks, turn the world out, and write hard.

We'll be here when you get back.


Enrique said...

Yeah. Get the hell out! Er...I mean, um. Thanks for offering up your apartment to me.

kiss kiss

Adam said...

Thanks, Michael. You got it, E.