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Jul 27, 2007

99 cent Sundays at soho rep!!!

Tickets to all Sunday Mainstage performances are 99¢
Available online or at the box office.

Some of my favorite shows in the past few years have been at Soho Rep.

Like these shows for example:

Take advantage of this amazing deal. And while you're there, take in some adjmi or two headed calf (both of which I reccomed highly) and the writer director lab always has some great stuff too. And Jenny Schwartz is the bomb!

Next year in New York theater is looking pretty great what with Playwrights Horizons and Second Stage. Anyone have a season roundup? What else is going on next year?


Enrique said...

Ok. This makes me like New York just a little.

A little, I said. Don't get too excited.

Adam said...

you are a punk.

Enrique said...

And you're a bottom.

Adam said...

no, punk.

not puck.

Enrique said...

And there lies the fundamental difference between us. I retort with base sexual humor which you transfigure into literary references. I'm trashy. You're brainy. Never the two shall meet.

In bed.

Adam said...

Enrique, you know very well that you are not only trashy but also brainy yourself. So everytime you go to bed with anyone, both of those things are there along with whatever equipment you bring.

Enrique said...

So there's room for my trashiness, nipple clamps AND a brain? Who f'n knew...

If I move to Brooklyn, will you train me in the art of the Szymkowicz?

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