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Jul 9, 2007

great post--excerpt below




We are faced with utterly shameless men. Cheney and
the rest are looking our representatives right in the
eye and saying "You don't have the balls to take down
a government. You don't have the sheer testicular
fortitude to call us lying sonuvabitches when we lie,
to stop us from kicking the rule of law and the
Constitution in the ass. You just don't. What's beyond
that abyss -- what that would do to our government and
our identity as a nation -- terrifies you too much. So
get the fuck out of our way."

And to a great degree, the White House is right. You
peel this back, and you reveal that the greatest
country in the world has been run, for the last six
and a half years, by men who do not give a shit about
the Constitution, or fair play, or honesty. No, not
just run by corrupt men, or bribe-takers, or
adulterers or whatever, we could handle that --no we'd
be admitting It Went Wrong.

There is a sizeable population in America that just
does not, cannot wrap their head around the fact that
the President may be a Bad Man who does Bad Things.
He's President of America. We're Americans. We're the
good guys. Remember, the Nixon mythos in America is
that the system worked. "See, in America, even the
President is not above the law."

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