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Jul 16, 2007

starting aug 3

What is "The Defenestration of Prague"? And how is it
seventeen steps removed from "Castration Anxiety"?
Wikipedia knows. In this brave new world of instant
gratification where the internet can live in your
pocket, one group of writers has created a
mini-marathon of short plays that surf the wikipedia
wave through seventeen related entries.

Written by Ars Nova's 2006-2007 Play Group Writers:
Mike Batistick, Evan Cabnet, Ron Fitzgerald, Liz
Flahive, Sam Forman, Etan Frankel, Kyle Jarrow, Nick
Jones, Barry Levey, Carly Mensch, Elizabeth
Meriwether, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Rachel Shukert, Mat
Smart, Aurin Squire, Adam Szymkowicz and Beau Willimon

Directed by: Evan Cabnet, Michael Goldfried, Maria
Goyanes, Meredith McDonough, Shira Milikowsky and
Moritz Von Stuelpnagel

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