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Jul 17, 2007


Dear Friend,

I am the prince of a country you have never heard of.
I am very rich but I have some problem involving
politics I won't go into and you won't understand
because you are American and very gullible (and

Please send me your social security number. We are
looking for someone in America to give a lot of money
to. It is not illegal but we are not in America and
for some reason need to be for some reason.

Hurry. The fate of my country hangs in the balance.
I need to send you lots of money. What is your bank
account number?


Please Hurry,

Ruler of Small But Rich Country

P.S. you like to purchase also some Viagra? or penny
stocks? they are going up. Just like the last one I
told you about.

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mbh said...

Maybe they should charge unsuspecting playwrights a reading fee... seems like every other small nation has the same letter, they should be different.

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are a young country about to lose everything but to keep the rebels at bay, we have decided to have a weekend of one-act plays. Please send us a $50 reading fee for each script.


Adam said...

that's very funny, mbh! but we mustn't forget the inherent truth in your joke. Theatre heals. and theatre is a way to make (a lot of) money. and rebels hate theatre. (not rebels like james dean but rebels like in star wars.)