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Jul 25, 2007

visual dramaturgy

http://www.benjaminjames.com/uploads/neighborhoods/1411987.jpg http://www.trevorlittle.com/media/washsquarepark.jpg http://www.pictureninja.com/pages/united-states/new-york/new-york-city-fire-escapes.jpg http://www.indospectrum.com/10dimages/nyc2/cd031_02may04_nyc_subway.jpg


mbh said...

The photo of Times Square doesn't (and no photo can) capture the intense visual stimulation you get when you walk up the subway ramp.

I was there a few years ago and I felt like a mime in a box with all the advertising and lights and flash and traffic and how many pretzel stands per square mile are there in Times Square?

It took me a few minutes to push the streets back so I could walk and revel in the energy in small doses (and between bites of pretzels).



Adam said...

I thought your name was Michael. Why did i think that?

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