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Aug 10, 2007

from Sheila, I guess I'll try it too


If your plays were people . . .

MAtt tries it:


Josh does it:


Now me--

Pretty Theft
An A.D.D. juggler you see at the circus walking a tightrope while
ogling the girl on the flying trapeze.

Food For Fish
The kid who sits in the front row wearing a green mask he made out of
paper maiche for Halloween. Surprisingly he won the costume
competition. Now in front of everyone he is eating all his candy,
smearing chocolate all over his big smile.

A quiet girl sitting behind a giant loom, building row upon row
suddenly gets her finger stuck and bleeds on her tapestry. Five years
ago you bought a photo of this at a yardsale.

That old friend secretly smart but completely awkward who wears
clothes two sizes too big and who you have lost touch with. I think
she can speak Greek.

The wackiest uncle who wants to play cowboys and indians although all
his nephews are shaving now.

The Art Machine
The tie-wearing coworker who is may be a robot but definitely has an
uncomfortable sexual past.

Deflowering Waldo
A sister of a friend who wears petticoats and lots of rouge but wants
to be Woody Allen.

A boy burning ants with a magnifying glass suddenly looks up and
discovers girls for the first time.

Bee Eater
The saddest girl in the world reading poetry in Russian accidentally
walks in front of a truck.

A bum with a metal detector on the beach you went to for vacation who
secretly may be destroying the world.

Susan Gets Some Play
a fun fringe play. you should come see it.


Mac said...

I just saw Kevin Free at Fringe Central. Handsome and personable!

Adam said...

A really great actor too. We love him. Hooray Kevin R Free!!!