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Aug 6, 2007

from the Sun


"Some people just don't learn -- even after they succeed in snazzier venues, they keep coming back to the Fringe.  . . . So too returns perennial favorite Susan Louise O'Connor, laying bare her bad dates in "Susan Gets Some Play" by oddball Adam Szymkowicz, whose "Nerve" garnered early hipster buzz."

Oddball, huh?  Who told them.  Hope to see you at my play which I hope will garner me more hipster buzz.


Ian W. Hill said...

Hmmmn . . . time to take out the yearly toteboard and start tallying the uses of "oddball, "quirky," "wacky," and so on by the NYC daily papers in any coverage given to FringeNYC.

Adam said...

I mean I understand i guess if they thought nerve was oddball, but how do they know that I personally am oddball?

Enrique said...

Maybe your pants are too tight?

Adam said...

you told me my pants could never be too tight.

shouldn't you be writing a play or something, E? Get off the internets and get to work!