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Aug 13, 2007

This Friday I will turn 30. Being that I am turning 30, now is a good time to be critical of my life and bemoan my plight and perhaps even celebrate my accomplishments.

Things I haven’t done:

Learned Spanish.

With the exception of France 12 years ago and Canada, I haven’t left the country.

Written a novel (although I’m about 17,000 words into one and had to put it aside to write plays and screenplays. Maybe next year)

Run a marathon. (In fact I’m not really in great shape right now. But I’m going to start going to the gym again, I swear.) (this is starting to sound like new years resolutions. 30 year resolutions?)

Learned a musical instrument. (this may never happen.)

Paid off my student loans (or come anywhere near doing so)

Bought a house or apartment.

Things I did:

Learned to drive, swim, speak, write, read, cook a few things.

Wrote 19 or so plays that are over an hour long, 3 or 4 one acts, 30 or so ten min plays. Most of the 10 min plays have been done, many of them multiple times. I’ve had 7 of my long plays on their feet, 4 of them have had 2 or more productions. Three of them are now published.

Co-wrote one screenplay. Wrote another on my own and am working on a third.

Got a masters, went to Juilliard, got engaged.

So that’s not so bad. It was a good thirty years. In fact, if things keep going like this, I feel pretty good about it all. I’m OK, you’re OK. We’re all OK. Let another year come. They say 30 is the new 22.


mbh said...


Such a young-un'


Adam said...

thanks, michael. ugh. I suppose.

Qui Nguyen said...

Happy Almost-Birthday, Adam. 30 rocks, especially when you can look back and see all the good shit you've done. And from your list, you've done some excellent shitting (Uh, sorry, gross use of slang.) Anywho, drink hard, write good, and avoid poking homeless guys with sticks. They don't like that.

Adam said...

Thanks, Qui. I think it depends on the homeless guy but i agree with you in principle.