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Aug 1, 2007

Weathering the storm

If the theatrosphere were the ocean, there are lots of new ships never seen before gliding in to dock with glistening new hulls. At the same time, others who we admire for their beauty and strength are leaving our shores perhaps never to be seen again.  There are squalls out on the water, rocking this one and that one.  Pirates, jumping from boat to boat, perhaps doing damage, perhaps not.  I hear cannons in the distance, but I can't tell if hulls are cracking and blistering or if it's lots of bluster.
Meanwhile, our lives go on in the real world.  All of us artists struggling to make art and find places to be.  I'm not sunk yet, though some days I feel like heading to dry land and studying barrelmaking or public accounting.


frank's wild lunch said...

For me it's usually law school.

mbh said...

CPA? Well, it can be a creative life is you get creative with the books... /grin

Barrelmaking... that cracked me up...

I realize this is from a movie, but whenever I think about the alternative to writing, I think of Larry in "Bull Durham" when he says, "Sears sucks, Crash. Boy, I worked there once. Sold Lady Kenmores. Nasty, whoa, nasty."

And always march to the direction of the cannon fire... we're there fighting fees, people cutting scripts without permission, directors re-ordering scenes in "South Pacific" (yes, I saw that happen last year... they STARTED the show with 'Some Enchanted Evening'), and reduced funding of the arts (even if you don't fund writers, at least fund schools to go see productions).

Cannons thundering!

Grab a pint of rum, me hearty, and man the cannon with me.


Adam said...

K is in MO right now and she was like "want to buy a house on 16 acres of land for 30 thou in rural Missouri? We can be eccentrics."

And it kind of sounds good.

Malachy Walsh said...

Well, at least football season is about to start. That always helps my spirits.

Which makes me an outcast in a lot groups, but what the hell. I love football.

By the way, you should avoid the CPA route. Law isn't much fun either.

Just keep plugging away.

Things seem to be happening for you pretty well.

(Maybe your just having a post-partem-Julliard depression thing happening?)

Scott Walters said...

Malachy -- I'm big into football, too. Adam, are you? I'd love to have a little group of people following the season together. The NFL.com discussion sites are filled with nuts!

Adam said...

I don't watch anything except the occasional soccer game. Sorry.

I think I am having some post Juilliard just-got-a-bunch-of-rejections sort of gloomery.