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Sep 12, 2007

Apply now

Hi Playwrights, The Ars Nova Play Group, of which I am a member is now accepting applications for this next year. http://arsnovanyc.com/play-group/ They are a great group and you get to hang out in the penthouse and eat pizza and drink beer for 2 years and maybe get a reading or two and definitely get something up at the end of the year project. I had a great time last year. It's a good group of people.


mbh said...

I could fly out to NYC twice a month easy, but what else would I miss? I suspect there is more to the group than the 2x monthly meetings.

Should I wait until I can move to the East Coast?


Adam said...

yes, you should wait. I wish I could afford to fly to CA twice a month.

DavidM said...

Do you know--when they ask for "2 professional references," do they mean 2 LETTERS of reference, or the NAMES of 2 references?
Can't find any info on the site to write and ask them.

Adam said...

names and contact info. it's on the form, I am told.