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Sep 22, 2007


D e p a r t u r e s

Written by: Kristen Palmer
Directed by: Kyle Ancowitz

Produced by: Blue Coyote Theatre Group
Performed at: Access Theatre Gallery Space

Cast of:

K e i r a K e e l e y *
"I'm always worried about hurting you and now I'm leaving and I can't
wait – but I don't want to go – but – I can't think anymore here
– I
can't think-"


T r a v i s Y o r k*
"I fall in love then throw my heart to the girl let her squeeze the
blood out of it and return it to me – like a piece of roadkill."

Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England. Early summer 1995.
Two character play takes place in 1995 during 24 hours at an English
University. Cara, an American student, is returning to the US and
leaving Andrew, her Northern Irish boyfriend, behind...possibly

Access Theatre Gallery Space
380 Broadway at White Street
(off Canal ACE, NQRW, 6)

October 4th-October 28th 2007
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday's
Running Time Approximately 70 minutes.



AEA showcase
*appears courtesy of Actors' Equity Association

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Malachy Walsh said...

Best of Luck to K!

Beautifully designed card!