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Sep 18, 2007

Last night

I had a rountable reading of my new screenplay at MCC that went surprisingly well. (Thanks talented Actors! Thanks S +J +M!!!) A lot more was working than I thought was working which I was happy to see. I also saw all the problems I have to fix. I'm surprised as much of it works however considering how fast I wrote it. Also, according to the actors, I am successful at creating the imagistic scenes that are found in screenplays but not so much in plays. I was happy to hear that and also that's the hardest part for me so it's good to know that it's working. Now have to figure out how to fix what's broken.


J said...

Yay! You're welcome! I'm glad it was useful and good.

Adam said...

it was. thanks! (see how i help to preserve your anonymity)