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Sep 21, 2007

Last night

I was on a panel (along with Bixby Elliot and Winter Miller) talking to current playwriting students at the New School about what to do after you leave grad school. I hope we said the right things. I think we did. I'm in a regrouping, revising, holding pattern right now. I don't know what my next project is and that always drives me a little crazy. I'm not writing and I'm not working on a production and that makes me feel a little like I'm not really a playwright. Which was why it was nice to talk about how I am a playwright last night. And what I do to be a playwright and how much work goes into not just the writing but the marketing and networking. It was oddly encouraging to talk about how discouraging it can be at times.


Mark S. said...

Adam, you're definitely a playwright! And you write beautiful plays (and screenplays)!


Anonymous said...

How it did it go over when you told them to carry a sharp razor blade all the time?

Adam said...

Thanks, Mark! You're the bomb!

Adam said...

I didn't actually say that, G. Some of them looked like they might do it.

Anonymous said...