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Sep 6, 2007

my next play

He takes a screwdriver to the artificial heart. He shimmies it
between the chambers. There must be some kind of missed connection.

"Beat, damn it! Beat," he rails at the artificial heart on the table
before him.

But the heart won't beat for him. Because a heart will only beat for
who a heart will beat for and no one has any say in the matter but the
heart in question.


meeegan said...

Sad but true.

Adam said...

Meeegan got a blog! Hi there!

mbh said...

So a heart chooses who to beat for... interesting choice to make it an artificial heart... kinda like a cat... you never choose a cat, they choose you.


Adam said...

I chose all my cats. And they chose never to listen to me.

The artificial thing is actually more specific to the play I'm going to write than to a Truth capitalized.