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Oct 5, 2007

and now

my plays are finally on Amazon. Get them while they're hot. You can even give them away to trick or treaters who want something new and delicious to..um...read.


mbh said...


Already had the NY Review book (love those) but ordered the scripts for the three... going to present them to a theatre in the area that I think would be a fit.

Adam said...

Oh, thanks, Michael. That's really nice of you!

Ruben Carbajal said...

Had a great time reading
"Deflowering Waldo" on a plane to Rome--it's the best comedy i've read in a long long time. Look forward to getting the rest of your DPS pubs. Thanks so much for all the tags and shout outs-- you've single-handedly doubled my blog readership (from 4 to 8) in a single bound. Cheers!

Adam said...

thanks, Reuben. That's the kind of power i am able to wield.

Glad you liked Waldo. I saw your amazon review. Thanks for that!