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Oct 31, 2007

I <3 A.M. Homes

but I have to say even though I'm loving Music For Torching, This Book
Will Change Your Life is my preference.


JJW said...

music for torching is my favorite. (did i recommend it to you?)

have you ever ready any jeanette winterson? her retelling of the Atlas/Hercules myth, WEIGHT, is brilliant, as is Art & Lies, Oranges are not the Only Fruit... she has a brilliant mastery of language, reviving words that expired from the English language in the Middle Ages.

Adam said...

you might have. Thanks for the Winterson rec too! I'll check her out.

parabasis said...

On the Winterson tip, I'd go with THE PASSION or WRITTEN ON THE BODY. I found Art & Lies a bit tiresome (And didn't finish it) and ORANGES a bit dull (although as first novels go...) I haven't read WEIGHT tho... i'll have to check it out!

Clearly you like more transgressive fiction (AM Holmes, Chuck Palhniuk)... Have you read Martin Amis? He's kinda the elder statemen of that movement. MONEY, LONDON FIELDS and THE INFORMATION are all totally awesome. Also, Will Self's HOW THE DEAD LIVE is pretty rad.

Adam said...

cool, man. thanks!