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Nov 19, 2007

Where I'm at

It's hard to get nothing but rejections for 4 months or so, which is perhaps why I practically swore I would leave theater recently. Some of those things hit me pretty hard individually but as a whole, as an accumulation, they hit me much harder. Was it because I was so optimistic that I thought I would stop getting so many rejections? Is it because I think I'm churning out good stuff and I can't understand why everyone isn't going for it in a much bigger way? Both of these, I'm sure. I did get into the MCC coalition which made my day for a while and is still excellent. I do have great agents who are excited about my work. And I have to say I'm pretty excited about this new play I'm writing. And though I've sworn to write slower, I can't wait to finish so I can work on the 5 other projects I also want to be working on. Like the 2nd act of the dog play. And revisions of my screenplays. And that novel. and Temporary Everything. So I have not quit playwriting yet. But I am still tired. And the day job and the commute still wear me down. And the lack of money is a problem. But I'm still here. And I hope I'm writing a pretty fucking great play.


JJW said...

for what it's worth, i'm glad you write plays. and i finally sat down and read the play you sent me, and loved it.

and i think you might find this funny:


JJW said...

i suddenly feel guilty for finding that newspaper cover funny. now i feel sad and horrible...

Adam said...

I think you should aim to find a balance between both of those feelings. What the hell article is this?

mbh said...

I am sure it's a great new play.

With that many projects in the hopper (I have six) I would always rush to finish one so I could start the next one... and end up with half-assed drafts.

So I decided to look at writing like being a great deli-clerk (which I was at one point); You concentrate on the person there, the one in front of you, making sure your attention is there, asking if they need something else, telling them about the specials, and engaging in general chit-chat... no matter how long the line is, stay focused... and the people in line will bitch, moan, yell, but when they get to the counter and see you are making them the priority, they usually (usually) shut up when the attention is lavished upon them.



Adam said...

none of my plays ever shut up. they're all like "revise me" "send me out" "why is no one producing me?" "why did you publish me with a purple cover" etc.

Malachy Walsh said...

Hey, it's always good to hear other folks are having some of the questions I have, but I hate to say it, dude, from a different perspective, you look fairly successful.

Your plays DO get done by other people (ie, you don't have to put them on yourself). In fact, you just had a production in NYC at the Fringe.

You got into the MCC - and I remember when you didn't.

You're a double winner on the MFA front (Julliard and Columbia - niether of them easy to get into; both of them with a reputation for matriculating successful writers).

You've gotten readings at some fairly prestigous venues.

Your plays have even been published.

More importantly, You're in LOVE!

Be patient. Keep writing.

Adam said...

yes, Malachy, all of these things are true. thanks for the reminder. Patience is not one of my virtues, generally.

Anonymous said...

If you hang in there long enough, and keep doing your best writing, you'll eventually have held on longer than anyone else. And that may be your only consolation. Er, compensation. If you're okay with that, keep writing.

Theatre is such a mindfuck.

Adam said...

Yes but I want to be successful now, not later. Sure there is time later if I live that long, but jesus if it's this hard now, how will it be later?

Anonymous said...

i've only been doing this 2 years but it seems there are ebbs and flows. you strike me as someone who's doing all the right things to get yourself positive exposure, and most importantly, you are writing. lots.

i think one of the beautiful things about playwriting (or acting, really) is that you are your craft. and as you develop over time, as the things that you're curious about change, so will your writing.

i think there's a way to look at it so that, even if you don't hit the level of Success you want, you'll still be fulfilled in your work.

but then, i could also be full of shit. what do i know.

as they say, be wary of people who give you advice.

Adam said...

yeah, I just wish I was working on a show right now. I had a great summer in 2006 and am still waiting for the amazing thing that I supposed would come next.

but, yes the secret to happiness is to definitely be happy with what you're doing. because this cylce of dissatisfaction could go on forever.