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Jan 23, 2008

books i like

I read Watchmen for the first time recently.

It's amazing. Have you read it?



Joshua said...

Read it for the first time a few months ago . . . pretty awesome, I wanted to read it before the movie came out.

Adam said...

There's a movie?

Jamespeak said...

Yes, yes I have.

There's a movie coming out. I do not have high hopes.

isaac said...

Yep. There's a movie. It'll be a disaster.

one if my favorite books. watchmen is also a Great re-read.

Freeman said...

Canonical. Glad you read it.

Movie's being done by the guy that did 300. Zack Snyder. To his credit... 300 is almost exactly the Graphic Novel on Film. Yes, the graphic novel stinks that much.

The movie also has a really badass cast.

Yes, it'll still be a letdown. But hey... we're still in fanboy heaven lately. I'm not complaining.

Blog about the film:


Ruben Carbajal said...

Was traumatized by Watchman in High School. Think it warped my mind, in a good way. I've read it many times since.

Since we're geeking out on comics, have you read The Dark Night Returns or Ronin, both by Frank Miller? Lesser works, but still very good.

isaac said...

My issue actually has less to do with Snyder (although that's part of it) and more to do with that Watchmen isn't really adaptable. And it's giant storyline certainly can't be fit into a movie. Gilliam wanted to do it as a miniseries, which makes some sense.

In order for it to work, it would have to be on some level about superhero movies the way that Watchmen is about comics. Snyder's not a bright enough director to pull that off.

mbh said...

Watchman changed my feelings about graphic novels... it was some of the best story telling I have ever read.

The best compliment I can give it is this; I wish I had written it.



Joshua said...

They said 300 wasn't adaptable, tho' . . . so we won't know until we see it . . .

Zack said...

I read it for the first time last year, and absolutely loved it.

Kind of blows your mind that it was written in 1985.

Anonymous said...

Men of Tomorrow is an excellent book about Simon and Shuster (creators of Superman) and the early days of the comic book biz.


Adam said...

thanks, everyone!