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Jan 17, 2008

It takes courage to be an artist. Or stupidity


mbh said...

It's courage.

I believe EVERYONE can be an artist... all it takes is the courage to find it and then create.

It is easy for people who are not using their artistic to make fun of you, dismiss your art with a single syllable, and pass judgement... the scene in the movie "The Wall" where the poem is read in class to make fun of the student who wrote it reminds me of this.

What it takes is courage to keep creating despite this.

What IS stupid are the artists who think they deserve special attention/merit just because they create, looking down on people who (for example) labor, fight our wars, or serve our burgers. Being an artists does not make one better than someone who is not.

Everyone is artistic in their own way. You may not see it when they are in the world, but something as simple as taking a Sharpie and drawing geometric designs on their paper plate is art, even if they don't see it as art.

Anyway... off my soapbox...



Adam said...

Or stubbornness. It could be stubbornness. Why does someone keep pursuing their art when the rewards are slim? It may not be courage. It could be that it makes you crazy to not do it.

Ruben Carbajal said...

I agree with mbh, it's difficult to create something out of nothing, and you have to be brave to share it with the world. It takes little effort to sit from the sidelines and sneer.

You have to be very stubborn and a little stupid. A thick skin, a sense of absurdity, and a love of playing doesn't hurt.

Anonymous said...

I don't think they're mutually exclusive.