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Feb 22, 2008

from Jeremy Kareken

ARCTE(c)...T is now accepting submissions for its Contest of the Year award. The American Repertory Company Theater Ensemble Company... Theater is pleased to announce its first annual playwriting contest contest to find the finest playwriting contest in America. Theater Companies are asked to submit one play with the following criteria: 1) It must have won your contest 2) It must encompass the struggles of the working class, disabled, minorities, women, children and disenfranchised animals both alive and non-living. 3) The cast cannot be larger than 2 people, preferably Underage African American Handicapped Chickens... both posthumous members of Equity or equivalent union 3.5) The play must answer the problems of war with the "answer of peace," both internationally and personally 4) The play must take place on (or under) two chairs. No stage will be available for use. Send forty three copies of the play, and a readers fee of $1494.33 (please, no checks, just money orders or stamps) to ARCTE(c)T... T Contest of the Year Award. Winners will be able to hear the cast list and set requirements read silently at our facility as well as astipend of $40 dollars per diem. Playwrights must stay at the Omni Sheraton International, but a special rate will be provided of $1900 per night. If selected, the playwright will promise to scratch his/her name off the title page and insert "I Promise That The Real Author of this Play Was Not Me, but the Artistic Executive Director Manager of ARTCTE(c), Jeremy Kareken. Really. Absolutely. "This, my friends, is the contest of contests. Don't miss out on the chance to have your theater have someone else's script looked at by someone who can read. All proceeds will go to the benefit. And be used. Jeremy is here: http://www.no-monkey.com/

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Anonymous said...

Except for 2 and 4, I'd say this was the O'Neill. Is it?