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Feb 14, 2008

postcard from college in North Dakota


mbh said...

That's a nice postcard (especially for a college), ignoring the fact your name is in small print, at least they put your name on the card.

Where I work, they did a production of "A Little Night Music" and didn't bother putting Hugh Wheeler's name on the promo material as book writer... giving credit to Sondheim for everything... and when I emailed the head of the theatre division, his response was 'too late to fix' so I contacted the DG and sent a letter to Sondheim (or tried to... Stephen Sondhiem, NYC, NY)... two weeks later the re-released the promo material with Hugh Wheeler credited as book... and I am the one around here to reports theatres when they cut or modify scripts... Yes I am THAT arsehole.



Adam said...

huh. I didn't know such people existed. Considering we only have a guild, it's important to speak out. We can't strike.

Anonymous said...


You DON'T sound like an "arsehole" at all. We work hard to create good work and we deserve recognition. Somehow companies think they can omit the author and just put the title and director. Granted not all authors are well-known, but if the company feels the work is good enough to produce, give credit where its due!