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Mar 6, 2008

an email I received

Dear Friend of Culture Project, Culture Project has experienced the urban office equivalent of a flash flood and we urgently need your support for our recovery efforts! On Wednesday, February 13, Culture Project staff arrived at 55 Mercer Street to find that a pipe on an upper floor had burst during the night unleashing a torrent of water throughout our theater and offices. All our computers were destroyed, as well as the floors in our office and backstage, and phone, lighting, sound, projection and production equipment. Culture Project staff have rallied to respond this crisis and to challenges that could never have been anticipated. As a result, we missed only one performance of our current production of BETRAYED, and our offices have been returned to a nearly workable space. Our unexpected, out-of-pocket costs are over $100,000. I ask you to please consider making a special gift to Culture Project at this time. Your gift, in any amount, will help to ensure smooth operations during this time, but a gift of $50, $100 or even $500 will make a significant impact. An insurance settlement is forthcoming, but it will take some time and there are some very real costs that cannot be quantified on a claim form. At the time of this crisis, we were fully engaged in our efforts to capitalize on the extraordinary reviews and audience response to BETRAYED, and to build the momentum necessary to sustain its success. Funds that were budgeted for advertising and promotion had to be spent on the replacement and repair of necessary equipment, and staff time that would have been devoted to creative development has been diverted to focus on insurance claims, equipment research and general efforts to restore order. Your support at this time would help us to regain the majority of our momentum and to refocus our efforts on BETRAYED. We cannot lose any more time in our campaign to create awareness of the difficult questions this play raises about the war in Iraq, the interactions and relationships between Iraqi citizens and U.S. Military personnel, and what is being left in the wake of an occupation that is entering its fifth year. Please go to www.cultureproject.org or call 212-925-1806 to make a special credit card gift to Culture Project to help mitigate the effects of the flood. You can also mail a check to: Culture Project 55 Mercer Street New York, NY 10013 Attention: Development With your support, Culture Project will continue to thrive as a theater and gathering place, bringing together acclaimed artists, writers and influencers, and actively engaging with our local community. All the best, Allan Buchman Founding Artistic Director

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