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Mar 21, 2008

two songs

1. for rapid response team this weekend.. “By some measures of economic performance, the United States has been in a recession since 1975” http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/editorial/outlook/5622455.html 33 years Christ was a carpenter, lived to be thirty-three I work in an office and I have a pHD Now I’m not the son of God but sometimes I just don’t see What’s wrong with me Christ fed his disciples with bread and with fish Don’t ask me out to dinner. I can’t afford a dish Unless it’s made by chef boy ar dee What’s wrong with me? I’m two hundred thousand dollars in debt Last week I was so poor I had to eat my pet Next week I’m gonna have to sell the television set What’s wrong with me? All my life I’m feeling less than Now I know it’s been recession It’s not my fault I’ll quit my second guessin’ All my life it’s been recession I can’t afford to live here no more I don’t have enough money for my very own floor Nevermiond the walls or the heat. What’s wrong with me? All my life I’m feeling less than Now I know it’s been recession It’s not my fault I’ll quit my second guessin’ All my life it’s been recession 2. this is something I just wrote for Flux Theatre Ensembles' Midsummer project. I got Puck who I once played in 8th grade. It turns out he's sort of a dick. warning: explicit content. PUCK In the woods in the woods We play in the woods Where the wine runs like rivers And all the sex is always good. Where the dancing is delicious And prancing all auspicious It’s fine if you dine With the wine and the bitches Don’t sort it out too mortal With your head like an ass People make me chortle Always rolling on the grass First you loving that one Then you’re loving that Snap of my fingers You be switching dick for twat It’s systemical, chemical, Polemical It ain’t none of that I find you hysterical Your love is clerical, empirical Not a miracle Here one day then whereitgo? Don’t tell me about your love “It’s true as can be” Love’s not from above Ain’t no destiny Don’t mess with me I can put my finger on it Hell I’ll put in three You’ll forget who you love When you’re rubbing up with-- “Oh, Puck you so horny.” All the elves and the faeries Be staying up all night Oberon says bend over You say iz this right? You branded with Titania But you’re standing in the clover And if Oberon’s in the clover on you Then you better bend right over. And your lover Where’s your lover When your shins are in the grass? He’s under someone other With his dick in someone’s ass Is he thinking bout you? No, he’s thinking bout some lass But listen up I’ll school you And I don’t mean I’ll tool you But if you’re hot from this lot Hear me out, I’ll cool you Your sucks and your fucks are always in flux Get your rocks off on cocks Or your socks off with bucks but you know where flux stops It stops with Puck. Puck Puck Puck Get in the car. Lord what fools these mortals are


Scaredy Cat said...

These songs are Fab! - that first one, especially, has given me a much need crutch and rationalization. Thanks so much!

Adam said...

thanks, SC. I read somewhere recently that the rich who have spent the last 30 years deregulating and becoming richer, pushing their agendas in the house and senate want us to blame ourselves. The lack of social programs, the decline in wages, all of that. We're supposed to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. After all, that's what they've done. With some help of course.