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Apr 16, 2008


So I'm back from my LA trip, spending the day recovering and trying to not be jetlagged. I had 20 meetings with TV folks while I was there. No, really. It was a culture shock but it was a lot of fun. I met some cool people. What else? Jeffrey Emerson took me to a rave or something like that. I saw a Circle X reading of Scarcity--I had missed the show in NYC and was glad to see it. It's a pretty terrific play. I'm pretty sure I saw a reading of it at MCC like 5 years ago. I also got to hang at SCR a bit. Saw the Kate Robin show which I really enjoyed. It was a lot about what it is to be an artist and brought up a lot of stuff I'm thinking about a lot right now. Met Kate, another playwright Sharr, hung out with Megan and my friend David from Columbia. Had some drinks with Mandi and Terry from Note. Spent a lot of time with Jen K and David V who I'm crazy about. They let me crash at their pad in echo park and David introduced me to some new comic books. What else? I don't like to drive, but I can do it. Flying is also not so much fun. There was a heat wave over the weekend. 90 or hotter in April. I wanted some of that moderate weather they are famous for. Ah well. next time I guess.

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