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Apr 25, 2008

RRT this weekend--from isaac

This week is our final show of new work this season (our best of will be on Friday, May 16th) so we decided to go out in style with the Rapid Response Team's Guestapalooza!! Guests include: Critically acclaimed devising companies Collaboration Town and The Team, both of whom will be creating a new short radio piece based on the week's news, progressive blogger / youtube bandit extraordinaire Max Blumenthal who is just back in town from finishing his new book on the American Right, and the Food Network's latest star The Amateur Gourmet!! Neato. And you still get new short plays and sketches based on the week's news and a brand new story from resident storyteller Clay McLeod Chapman, hot off the victory lap that is Hostage Song!!! Stories we're working on include: ***Renting kids to perpetrate child support fraud***Branding children with crucifixes**PETA's Lab Created Meat***The Cult of Oprah***Staring on Subways***Candidates on WWE**And More! Here's the info: Rapid Response Team's Guestapalooza This Sunday, April 27th at 8PM The Bowery Poetry Club on 1st and Bowery Tickets are $10 at the door. See you then!

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