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May 19, 2008

the last year or so

I made a conscious choice to stop sending out 10 minute plays. I decided to put my energy instead into full length plays and now also into TV and film. In the long run, I think this is a good idea. (Short play productions rarely lead to long plays getting done and do nothing to help out careerwise if your name isn't Ives.) On the other hand, when your full lengths are being rejected, it's nice that someone in Australia or Michigan or California is doing a short play. It helps raise morale. Since I stopped sending out ten minute plays, all I'm getting is the full length rejections and even though many of them are very nice, it feels like I'm treading water. Not that I'm going to go back to sending them out--I have way too many full lengths that should be done and not enough time to submit everything. And I want my work to be seen in larger venues and I want to make a living--thus my beating a path to TV. Also I'm hoping that my published full lengths will be done more and more. I had 11 ten minute plays produced in 2006. If I get that many full lengths done next year, it will be a good year. I've had 4 so far, so that's not impossible. And if one big thing happens in TV or the stage, it would be a very good year. Additionally, I should write a musical, finish writing that novel. Rewrite that screenplay. Rewrite four of my plays. But now, the TV stuff to outline, revise, outline, revise and pitch. whew. pitch.


Ruben Carbajal said...

The annuals of 10 Minute Playdom's loss will most definitely be TV's gain. Good luck with the new projects!

Adam said...

thanks, Ruben! Good luck with your stuff too!

CK said...

Good for you! I always think it's so important to write down your goals like this. I'm always amazed when I stumble across an old list and I realize I've reached most of the goals.

I am so bad and never even send out my work at all. But that's partly by design--as an auto-didact, I feel like I've been learning as I go along and it's only lately that I'm starting to feel like my stuff is good enough to send out.

I've started having my short plays done at colleges, and you're right, it's a nice little morale boost to know someone somewhere is playing with your words.

Adam said...

send it out everywhere, CK. It's the only way.