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May 13, 2008

So K's mother got us these forks and knives and things because we're getting married and in our new married life, we will have beautiful utensils. We just started using them and let me tell you I feel more like an adult than ever before. We are fancy now. We have class. We have shiny silverware. People could come over and have multi course dinners and eat with this silverware. Of course they would still have to drink out of a Porky Pig glass but that's another story.


mbh said...

B-b-b-but Porky is c-c-c-c-cool.

You should never be embarrassed to use the Proky glasses. Use Porky (and any WB character) with pride!

If someone has an issue with that, tell them to buy you a crystal set you will use only when they show for food... otherwise they get the Pepe Le Pew glass.



Adam said...

yes, porky I inherited from my grandmother. i actually bought some more wb glasses because i was afraid i would break Porky based on the way i wash dishes. And i did. or i broke its replacement. not sure anyway, I only have one porky again but I have some other fine glasses--bugs bunny and the guy who shoots the guns up in the air whose name escapes me momentarily.

mbh said...

Yosemite Sam


Adam said...

yes and also goofy and minnie mouse and elmer fudd.