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Jun 12, 2008


I became aware yesterday of two upcoming productions of Food For Fish, the sixth and seventh productions. That is by far more productions than any of my other plays and it's a play that never really went through a development process. I brought it into class a couple times, got advice from friends, but as for Development with a capital D, it had none. And if you read it or see it, you can see it's a play that still contains ambiguities. It's messy in a lot of ways but at the same time it hasn't lost that spark. And it's a play I'm very proud of at times and also at the same time, it seems to have been written by a crazy person. Anyway, I'm glad it is having a life and I hope the same thing happens to the rest of my plays, or at least more of them. The ones I don't show people can die I suppose, at the bottom of the hard drive.


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thanks, M!

Malachy Walsh said...

neat and tidy is fine.

messy is good.

spark is best.