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Jul 17, 2008

transition part 2

I've seen a lot of bloggers come and go. Remember that surge a while back when everybody you knew suddenly had a blog? (Everyone I knew anyway.) And there were some vastly entertaining posts, great stories, cool new points of view, and then one by one they all stopped writing. At the same time of course, new people are constantly popping up. And some people do stick around. I got so many blogs right now on my google reader I can't keep up.

I feel myself fizzling out right now like so many bloggers before me. Mostly I just link to other people's stuff now. My readership is down. There are other things to do. Things like facebook and youtube. Also, I feel like my writing here has become less vital. I am disenchanted with theater. I haven't been involved in a show in over a year (though some of my plays are happening in various places). But I feel like I have nothing more to say really about theater except that I'm not enough a part of it and I'm frustrated my plays aren't getting done more by larger theaters. but that gets tiring to read and tiring for me to write. So I've been only half here on the blog this past year or so.

And I've stopped sharing my writing so much. Which is something that kept me coming to the blog. But this is partially because I've been working on TV and film stuff and wasn't sure it was a good idea to share that stuff. I mean, who wants to read my 30 Rock spec really? And the screenplay should be shrouded in secrecy as should the pilot stuff I'm working on now. Because it's still evolving and I don't want to say it's this and have it be that.

Which is all just to say that if this blog is to continue, it will have to change. Maybe from now on, it will be a blog that is solely photos of donkeys.

I don't know. Maybe I'll start reporting on the Minneapolis theater scene. Maybe I'll spend next year writing that novel and that's all you'll hear about. Maybe I'll only write about TV and/or film. (If that is even allowed) It's really hard to say. stay tuned. or, you know, watch youtube instead. I'll have a youtube video or two coming out soon.


Jaime said...
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Jaime said...


Adam said...

thanks! That's a great donkey.

meeegan said...

Subliminal democratic party advertising. :)

Adam said...

so subliminal i wasn't aware of it.

Ruben Carbajal said...

Amen. For what it's worth-- I think you have one of the most consistently entertaining blogs around. I wish I would've been able to read about what it's really like to be a playwright when I started out. That information is not out there. I think it's important. Wish you all the best in MN!

Anonymous said...

Nice post. Stick with theatre-you'll find your gut.

There is a fantastic article in the latest issue of american theatre that has screen, tv and theatre writers being interviewed and sharing their perspectives. I found it inspiring you might too.

Looking Both Ways
Moderated by Sarah Hart

"Gina Gionfriddo, Rolin Jones and Adam Rapp on traveling the two-way street between theatre and screen"

(I think its available online at tcg then american theatre..etc.)

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