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Aug 15, 2008

Friday I'm getting old

I finished the first draft of a pilot today. Last night K and Adjmi and i wandered around the sculpture garden at night. Here are some visuals--none of these photos were taken by me though. Tonight there is talk of bowling. I'm reading 13 ways of looking at a novel by Jane Smiley. It's a cool book. Anyone else read this? She basically got stuck while writing a book and read 100 novels and then wrote about them and about novel writing in general. It's specific to the novel but much of what she says is relevant to all artforms.


Patrick Gabridge said...

Thanks for pointing this book out. I just ordered it from the library. Sounds very valuable (I'm in the 3rd major rewrite of my new novel--getting better each time, I think, but man they take a long time). I love the fact that I can order a book on-line from the library and they'll e-mail me when it's there, and I just go an pick it up. Sometimes I love the 21st century.

Glad to hear that things seem to be going so well in MN for you.

Adam said...

thanks, Patrick! Good luck with the rewrites!!