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Sep 2, 2008

MN musings

I have seen the MN state fair and bought a bucket of cookies there for 14 dollars. I also saw Al Franken and Garrison Keillor and I'm going to vote for them both. Oh and Matt Freeman was there too. I will also vote for him. I've been bowling twice at Bryant Lake Bowl. I've been biking like nobody's business. I've been writing a novel and a play and a pilot. And revising another play and that pilot. Yesterday I went to a take back labor day concert sposored by a labor union. The Phar Cyde was there and Billy Bragg was supposed to be there but I think we missed him. K saw a boat boarded and turned around for flying a banner bemoaning torture. The swat team holding machine guns on the shore looked on. A boat without a banner went by without incident. No one knocked down my door to arrest me yet but the RNC isn't over yet and I am only protesting on this blog. What else? Except for today the weather has been sunny and in the 70s and 80s. Like a dream, really. A minneapolis dream where the beer is always cheap.

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Malachy Walsh said...

Several other places worth checking into:

Liquor Lyle's. They used to have 2 happy hours, just in case the booze wore off too quick.

The Uptown. Sunday mornings the bloody mary's were served in pint glasses with a shot glass of beer on the side. No day could start righterer.

1st Avenue. You've seen Purple Rain, haven't you?

Nye's. Really, two bars. But I think I've already talked about this one. THE best bar in America, especially on Polka Night. The rest of the time you should spend over at the Piano Bar singing to the velvet paintings.

Also, don't know if you know, but that lonely building across the street from the Bryant Lake Bowl Theatre, that's where one of the Replacements bought it on H in the mid/early 90s. Chuck Klosterman could tell you more, but hey, I thought I'd put the word in.