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Oct 29, 2008


Woke up in Travis' bed. He wasn't there. He gave me the bed and managed to hurt his back today, probably because he was sleeping on his floor. Had a great rehearsal of Incendiary at the Public. It was one of those rehearsals that was a good time. They are so rare where you're not constantly trying to figure out the right thing to say to make it work. It was just fun to watch the actors play. It helps that most of them were in the reading up in Vermont so they know what world the play sits in and can fool around in that world now. And I think most of them know each other really well. Anyway, I laughed a lot, they laughed a lot, it was fun for me. It was low stress for me. Come if you can. tomorrow (30th) and Nov 6, both at 8 at the Public Theater. After the rehearsal, I went to drop stuff off at my friend Larry's and we had dinner and then I had a roundtable reading at MCC of my new play. It's in better shape than I thought and I came away with a clear idea of what to do with it which is always nice. I can see the trap one can get in of getting lost with a play--getting dragged down not knowing which direction to go in. It has happened to me a couple of times. I'm glad I'm not there right now. So anyway, in New York again. Loving it and hating it. ahh.

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