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Oct 1, 2008


My bike ride to my temp job this morning was cold. My fingers felt wind burned or frost kissed. Winter comes early to Minneapolis it seems. I've been writing a new play. I'm trying to keep the cast size down this time so it won't be one more play that requires 7 actors. It looks like it will just be three people. I'm writing a lot of two person scenes. I haven't done that in a while. I kind of like it. I hope it works out. It could be good, I think, if I do it right. Anyway, I'm enjoying get up at 5 and writing. (6am new york time) I'm also enjoying (sort of) having the apt to myself. Although it gets lonely. Kristen was saying that 2 weeks is like the limit for her. I think that's true for me too. I'll see her on the 11th which is not so far from now. And I do have people here to hang out with, but damn! If you told me you wanted to get married and then move to minneapolis and then be apart from your spouse for a couple months, I would advise against it. But I'm ok. Thanks for asking.


mbh said...

I understand!

I can't STAND to be away from my wife for more than a few days. I crave her companionship.

Adam said...

I hear you.