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Oct 20, 2008


I'm getting to the end of the new play I'm writing which might be called American Manifesto or might be called The Fat Cat Killers. Charles Fazzino blogged about me. I used to work for him in shipping and receiving. Later this week the Single Carrot folks are flying me into Baltimore to give a talkback after Food For fish there. Come if you can. And then I'm back to MN for a couple of days, then flying to NYC for a reading of Incendiary. Come if you can. Oct 30 and Nov 6 at 8pm at the Public. Plays I want to see in new york include the 13P Crawl Fade to White, Flux's Angel Eaters Trilogy, Mike Daisey's If You See Something Say Something, the other readings at LAB, the Studio 42 Halloween party, Bluebox's Sticky, and probably five things I'm forgetting.


mbh said...

Fat Cat Killers sounds less pretentious (and rolls off the tongue better) than American Manifesto... just my two cents.


Michele said...

Two votes for FAT CAT KILLERS !!

Johnna Adams said...

Let me know when you want to see the trilogy, Adam. Your money is no good there, you must be comped.

I can't vote on titles until I see some of the play. I like them both.