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Nov 17, 2008

revelations and waiting

I think I've discovered that the way to write a pilot for me is to try and write the scenes like I would write a play first. Otherwise, the spark is gone somehow. I'm going to try this next. I think it will work. What else? Kristen and I went walking out in the cold yesterday to the big Central Library on Nicollet. PostSecret has an exhibit there. (Yes, Kristen has finally returned from her teaching/playwright gig in Kansas.) Earlier in the week I saw the Workhaus production of Trista Baldwin's new play. That was pretty great. I also passed in my commission this past week. I read it over this play called Hearts Like Fists and I have to say I kind of love it. I hope other people feel similarly. So now I need some work--a temp gig or a real gig. Writing things I love doesn't pay the bills . . . yet.

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