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Dec 1, 2008

Anne Bogart post



Malachy Walsh said...

I love Anne, and I love what she says about theatre being an immediate experience with the unfamiliar.

But I'm not so sure I totally agree with the cell-phone phobia that inspired the insights.

I think people simply don't know how to experience art directly, approach it openly or just take it in to see what it is for itself without putting their own take on it - even if this means "taking it" with them in the form of a picture or video to be broadcast later on YouTube.

I'm not sure where this trend will lead. Certainly, art has been trivialized in a way by how accessible it has become through reproductive technology. But others are experiencing it differently and I don't know if that's altogether bad.

Adam said...

YEah. I wonder for some people if it's not a case of wanting to take the experience away with them. Souvenirs. There is nothing wrong with souvenirs.

Malachy Walsh said...

It's an interesting phenomenon.... we seem to live in a cut and paste world (a phrase I will make a t-shirt out of someday).

It's hard not to live there these days.

Abigail Gonzalez said...
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