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Dec 10, 2008

what's going on

So right now I'm temping at a job all day where I can't get on the internet and can only have my cell phone on during lunch and my two 15 min breaks. So I am incommunicado most of the day. and you know, it's ok so far. The other day I rode my bike home in a blizzard and then the next day rode my bike back to work in what the blizzard left behind. I wiped out a couple of times but I didn't die and in fact I kind of loved it. Biking is the form of transportation that I never knew was perfect for me. Coming up next playwise is a production of Food For Fish at Northwestern University. At the same time I'll be in new york rehearsing my new play at Juilliard. I'll be in town from Jan 19 to Feb 14. I'd love to see you all during that time. Oh and maybe you can come see the packawallop-produced short film The Moment then which stars Susan Louise O'Connor and Jeff Biehl. what else? Writing a completely different version of the pilot I was talking about. Got three plays and one pilot on the backburner all dying to get written. I like minneapolis. It's nice here. I like snow. And it hasn't gone below zero but once so far. I'll let you know how that progresses.

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