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Feb 18, 2009

okay, I'm on Twitter



Mead said...

Excellent. Now you, like Mssrs. Grote & Adjmi, can be assimilated into the, uh, spatialness that is the virtual astral plane.

To answer the question you left on Twitter, I don't know of a way to link it with FB. But their uses are different, anyway. For me, Twitter's good for just putting out an occasional teaser or quick statement or find of the day, like an interesting new site you've come across or a URL you'd like people to visit. And it's fun for your "followers," like me, to see your tweet and think: cool, Adam's dying his hair red today. Whereas FB's better for a more extended exchange with specific individuals, or for when you'd like to include media with your post.

That's me, anyway. No doubt you'll find nefarious new uses for the thing.

Adam said...

Thanks, Mead. Really, I'm just trying to take over the world.