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Mar 25, 2009

Ken of the Producer's Perspective publishes his 1st year of blogging as a book



RLewis said...

Adam, you're doing it again. And again without any context of your own. Have you read this blog a lot? Certainly, the posts are opinion, so ya can't say they're wrong, but twisted commercialism is not a stretch. Are you sure that you stand behind this blog's wisdom as a good thing to promote and pass along in our theater community? If you don't have anything worthwhile to say on your blog, it's okay not to say anything.

Adam said...

I read his blog. if i was a young producer, I would be interested in this. But also I think it's interesting that someone is publishing his blog as a book.

To me this is news both for bloggers and for producers.

I put it out there because i think it's interesting. i assume people can make their own judgments as you very obviously already did.

I am not interesting in safeguarding people from anything. I post things I think are interesting. I don't always agree with Ken's opinions but I sometimes do and more often I find them fascinating. You don't often get to hear what commercial producers in New York think about things. As a writer I am interested in viewpoints very different from my own.