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Apr 27, 2009

Early Reviews...more to come

NY Times "disturbing but touching ... Mr. Szymkowicz writes quirky plays about contemporary topics like online dating and gender roles, but there always seems to be something — a knife, a rope, a dead body — in an unexpected place. In “Pretty Theft,” the undercurrent of danger goes beyond quirkiness; it’s more subtle and ultimately more horrifying. The play takes place in a terrifying world where reckless people get hurt, and so do more or less innocent bystanders." Theatre Knights (& Daze): News & Reviews "a near-flawless production that kept me spellbound from start to finish. Indeed, as the play ended, I found I needed several minutes to both dry my eyes and process the elegant beauty of what I had just witnessed." Blogcritics Magazine "To go with its jigsaw-puzzle structure and precision dialogue, Adam Szymkowicz's fine psychological comedy-drama Pretty Theft has pathos, sharp humor, a dash of horror, dancing, and many scene changes. It's the kind of play that demands an exceptional production, and that's just what it gets at the Access Theatre on lower Broadway."


Malachy Walsh said...


Looks like you're on your way. Again.

Rupert Brooks said...


These are certainly awesome resources for some great reviews. Thanks a lot for sharing these honest reviews.... Keep up the good work :)

EM Lewis said...

Way to go, Adam!

Adam said...

Thanks, Malachy and Ellen!