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May 16, 2009

summer shows

Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum. Pretty Theft. Tonight and tomorrow, last two performances of Pretty Theft in New York. (production #4 of the play) June 5-June 20 Echo Theatre, St. Louis, MO, a production of Nerve (production #5) June 16th, Jobsite Theater, Tampa, FL, a reading of Nerve July 5-August 1, Essential Theatre, Atlanta, GA, a production of Food For Fish. (production #8) July 15-July 26, Doorway Arts Ensemble in the DC Fringe, Washington DC, a production Herbie: Poet of the Wild West. (production #1) If you can't make any of those, but don't want to feel left out, Nerve and Food For Fish are published here and here. Also found at Amazon and other fine online bookstores.


splattworks said...


If you make it over to Jobsite, please say hello for me. They're old friends of mine and have done a couple of my plays. Good folks. Here's hoping you have as much fun with them and I have.


Adam said...

cool! thanks, Steve